Love to Ride Brisbane is all about getting on your bike, and encouraging your friends, family and workmates to do the same.

The 2019 challenge is over for another year, however stay tuned for the results!

2018 results

Brisbane joined with cities and towns around the world to take part in its first Love to Ride challenge in September 2018.

By the end of the challenge 2,323 participants from 221 organisations took part, including 244 new riders. Collectively we rode 602,347 kilometres across 31,500 trips: that’s the equivalent of going around the world 15 times! 

98% of participants said they would take part in Love to Ride Brisbane again.

Riding rather than driving those kilometres saved around 80,000 kg of carbon going into the atmosphere, and helped to reduce the number of cars on our roads.

02 October 2019