Love to Ride Brisbane is a fun, free challenge to encourage more people to experience the joy and benefits of bike riding.

The challenge is all about getting on your bike, encouraging your friends, family and workmates to do the same, and aims to increase the number of people choosing to get around Brisbane by bike.

In September 2020, Brisbane City Council worked with Love to Ride to deliver the third annual program. The Love to Ride Brisbane Challenge was the most successful bike riding program of its kind in Queensland in 2020.

Key 2020 Love to Ride Findings

The challenge program also resulted in demonstrated increases in participants’ transportation riding:

  • 25% of riders who were riding to work less than one day a week before the challenge increased their riding to work to at least one day a week six-months on
  • 28% of riders who did not ride for transport at all before the challenge are now riding for transport.

2020 Snapshot


2020 results

In September, Brisbane joined with cities and towns around the world to take part in our third Love to Ride campaign.

Love to Ride Brisbane encouraged everyone to try riding a bike for as little as ten minutes during September. It gave people the chance to see for themselves how much fun riding a bike can be, and to find out where you can ride to by bike. Plus there were also some lucky winners.

This year 3122 people participated from 323 organisations, including 296 new riders. Collectively we rode 762,449 kilometres across 34,465 trips: that’s the equivalent of going around the world about 19 times!

The kilometres that were recorded as riding for transport (including to and from work) saved 21,317 kg of carbon going into the atmosphere when compared with driving.

19 August 2021