City Cave Float and Wellness Centre

31 July 2018

City Cave Float and Wellness Centre is driven by increasing longevity in our community, adding quality years back to your life through a tailored health journey to suit a path for total well-being. City Cave provides a unique approach to wellness, combining holistic and clinical services to achieve ones optimal health.

Through sensory deprivation and the healing properties of epsom salts, floatation therapy aids in neurological, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular skeletal, hormonal balance as well as personal growth and healing. The epsom salt is a muscle relaxer as well as an anti-inflammatory mineral that helps your body detoxify. Floatation therapy is a peaceful, eye opening way for your body and mind to recover. 

Centres are now open in Fortitude Valley, Paddington, Mt Gravatt and Ipswich.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Sunday: 9.00am-9.00pm


07 3252 5674