04 April 2019

RegenX (formally known as BodyPlan) was created to find ways to re-educate Australians about their bodies. RegenX believes they can help you understand that “it’s what’s inside that counts”. You can know your body and be your very best, for life!

The RegenX team also work within the area of sports and performance and are confident they know how to get you to the next level.

RegenX has a new Stages SC3 indoor bike for VO2 testing. Have your VO2 testing done to ensure you are working out in the right heart rate zones to get the results you are chasing.  

RegenX also offers a range of other complementary services – DEXA Body Composition Analysis scans, Resting Metabolic Rate testing, Sports & General Dietetics/Nutrition  and Exercise Physiology services – to set you up for success.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday:  7:00am - 6:00pm
  • Friday: 7:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED
07 3624 2711



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