Share the path video transcript

This provides supporting information for Bicycle Queensland’s share the path commuter harmony video.

The video follows the journey of multiple commuters – the walker, the bike rider and the scooter rider.

The video starts by following the walker exiting the library and starting her journey by walking to her destination. It then follows the bike rider who is shopping at a small grocer before putting on his helmet, getting on his bike and starting his journey by bike. The video then shows the scooter rider packing up her office, walking her scooter to the exit, placing on her helmet and starting her journey by scooter.

The video shows various snippets of each of the commuters on their journey as they all continue along the same pathway, overtaking each other at various times. Some messages of text are superimposed throughout the video that read:
• Slow down and pass wide
• Careful of blind corners
• Check the park is clear.

The final scene shows the three commuters all concluding their journey and arriving to the same house.

Some final text is superimposed that reads:
• No matter how you move, share the path.

The final slides show the Bicycle Queensland logo, followed by a slide that says proudly supported by, and shows the Bicycle Queensland logo, the Commuter Harmony Alliance logo and the Brisbane City Council logo.

13 October 2021